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Experienced Help For Business, Family And Future

The Law Office of Gilbert M. Gutierrez in Riverside, California, helps individuals and business clients solve problems, protect their property and most importantly prevent future problems. We provide high-quality legal representation in a range of legal areas, including real estate law, construction law, business law, estate planning, family law and more.

Our mix of practice areas gives us insight into the best ways to resolve issues that involve multiple legal areas, such as real estate issues related to divorce or probate.

Our attorney has been representing clients for more than four decades, and still takes a hands-on role in every case. He works efficiently and effectively, keeps in close contact with clients and gives their cases the attention they deserve.

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Real Estate And Construction Law

Real estate is a complicated subject — perhaps especially so in California, where property values are high and legal issues abound. It is important for buyers, sellers, investors, landlords, tenants and anyone else doing business in California real estate to seek out help from a lawyer who has experience with our state’s real estate market and property laws.

We provide experienced help for individuals and businesses in both residential and commercial real estate, and in both litigation and transactional matters. We also help developers, contractors and others in the complex world of construction law, and we help businesses with a range of issues in transactions and resolving disputes.

Family Law, Estate Planning And More

In addition to our business and construction law practices, we help individuals resolve issues, protect their loved ones, preserve property and prepare for the future with a variety of issues in family law, estate planning, probate and more.

We help people through divorce, making sure their parenting plans protect their children’s best interests, and carefully crafting property division settlements that will give them the financial support they need for the next chapters in their lives.

We also help people preserve their assets and provide for loved ones through estate planning and probate. And we protect vulnerable adults with conservatorship, powers of attorney and other issues.

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